Call to Freedom Review!

The first recording by Spirit of America, Call to Freedom: The Music of a Great Nation, received a fabulous review from Audiophile Audition. Reviewer Steven Ritter said the sound was: “bright yet warm when needed, and nicely attuned to the glories of a full-out wind band. All should be congratulated on a superior job, and I hope there will be more to come in the years that follow.” Buy your copy now!

SOA Assignments for Exploration 2010

At an exciting meeting tonight the Field Band received their new assignments for the 2010 season! Sneak Preview: the show will open with EVERYONE on brass for “Fanfare for the Common Man.” Features later on include everyone on woodwinds, and a closer for guard and percussion – including 40 bass drums! So brass players are picking up woodwinds and vice versa, percussionists are trying their hand at wind instruments, and the guard is expanding their skill set with instruments and drums as well as guard equipment. It’s going to be incredible!