Day 23 – Sept 26, 2011

Travel Day from Joburg to Kruger National Park. We are staying right on the river bordering the park. We’ve already had several wildlife sightings including elephants, hippos, crocodiles, bald eagles, warthogs, kudu and many kinds of birds. Sr. Estelle and Rachel were chased back into their room by a family of monkeys!! Instead of swimming in the river, many of us found the hotel’s water slide to be a better alternative!


Breakfast is at 5am and then we head out for an all day Safari! Stay tuned for pictures……

Day 21 – Sept 24, 2011



Can you guess who’s behind the mask?


Did you guess right?
Row 1: Sr. Alicia, Stephanie, Sr. Rosemary
Row 2: Br. Philip, Ellen, Br. Jacob
Row 3: Paul, Sr. Mercy, Sr. Estelle
Row 4: Sr. Agnes. Sr. Martina, N. Andrew
Row 5: Mike, Amy, Br. Mark
Row 6: Kate, Br. Richard


Tomorrow is our final performance!