Who We Are:

Spirit of America is an organization that devotes itself to improving the lives of others, not only through giving back to their community but through the medium of music. The five divisions of Spirit, (Field Band, Wind Opera, Marching Band, Fife and Drum and Wind Ensemble) achieve this aim primarily through performances, workshops, and cultural exchanges. After all, is not the United States a collection of the world’s people and cultures? By helping others, we help ourselves. As a local, well-known figure once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” For Spirit of America, President Kennedy’s quote stands for more than just our country, it stands for our world.

On international tours, the band works to strengthen relationships with the host country through cultural exchanges, benefit performances, and workshops in music and marching. Yet, more important to SOA is the gift of sharing hearts and energy with students that they meet, encouraging young people to stretch beyond their reach, discover a new world of personal and corporate pride, and gain friends for life along the way.

Spirit Winter Percussion, a competitive, indoor marching percussion unit, is also affiliated with Spirit of America. (Spirit WP)

What We Do:

Spirit of America Band is more than a precision, marching, musical ensemble – it is a training ground for life, based on the values and characteristics that have made our country great from its very beginning. The band leads workshops in music and marching, while imparting by example life and leadership skills to thousands of students from many socio-economic backgrounds and of all levels and abilities.

The band members encourage young people to stretch beyond their reach, to discover personal and corporate pride and responsibility, while learning values that will make them good citizens and moral, contributing members of our society. Through hard work, teamwork and a positive spirit, students learn to help and respect one another, deal with problems, be accountable, and push through challenges, understanding the value of the individual to the corporate good.

Spirit of America has received countless prizes and awards over the last 30 years. The greatest prize, however, has been to share their hearts and energy with every audience member and student they meet.