What is Spirit of America?

  • Spirit of America is a band from Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
  • We have a marching band, winter percussion unit, fife and drum corps and wind ensemble.

Who is in it?

  • More than 100 members, ages ranging from about 10-60
  • Brass line, woodwind section, battery/front ensemble, color guard

Are you a military band?

  • No, but we aim to hold the same high standards as a military band, in the care of our uniforms and equipment, in the precision of our marching, and how we conduct ourselves when we’re in rehearsal and especially when we’re in uniform.

Who is the director?

What have you done? Where have you gone?

  • The band has marched in parades all over the US since the 1970’s. We’ve won many awards for these including the award for “Best Representing the Spirit of America” in the Washington DC 4th of July Parade. (That is how we got our name.)
  • In the 1990’s we started doing field shows, and have performed and toured every summer but one since then (took a break in 2007 for creative/technical development).
  • In 2006 we gave our first performance of Instrumental Theatre: in motion our first in the U.S. and Korea.
  • Outside the U.S. we’ve travelled to Canada, Australia, and South Korea.
  • In 2000 we were the first runners-up at the WAMSB Championships in Calgary.
  • In 2006 we won first place at the WAMSB Championships in Jeju, South Korea.

How did SOA begin?

  • Spirit of America was first created for a neighborhood celebration. The town heard that a band had formed, and invited the group to march in the 4th of July Parade. It has grown from there to become an internationally recognized ensemble.