Fife & Drum Corps

A living history lesson, Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corps plays traditional music on wooden, key-less fifes and rope-tension drums. The corps uniform is an exact replica of the musicians´ uniforms from the First U.S. Infantry Regiment in the War of 1812. From the pewter buttons hand-cast in actual button molds, to hand-stitched leather "shako" hats with ostrich feather plumes, every detail is accurate. Building on their local history at Rock Harbor on Cape Cod, the corps carries itself with pride, honoring the courage and vigilance of the Americans who defended our country’s independence during this crucial time period in our nation´s history. Spirit of America’s Fife and Drum Corps is comprised of younger band members. In their pursuit of the authenticity of this craft, they have studied historical figures and events, and applied this knowledge to their own performance of Fife and Drum. So being part of Fife and Drum has allowed them to “live history,” enriching their appreciation of their American heritage in a way that transcends the usual classroom experience. The Fife and Drum Corps was invited by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney to perform at the Head of State Arrival Ceremonies for both President Kagame of Rwanda and the Afghan Head of State. They march in parades and musters all over New England. *************************************************** Events from 2015: Harwich Hometown Parade September 20th 11:30am Harwich, MA "Spirit of America Fife and Drum joins in the parade that ran for many years and is now coming back!" Medford 385th Anniversary Parade September 27th 2pm Medford, MA Spirit of America Fife and Drum received a personal call from the Mayor of Medford requesting our presence at the parade. We are honored to be a part of this event! Fife & Drum at the Massachusetts State House June 17th in Boston, MA We were honored to play at the Ceremony for the return of the Time Capsule to the MA State House on June 17th. The Time Capsule, originally placed beneath the State House by Samuel Adams and Paul Revere in 1795, returned to the State House during the ceremony, after having been on display at Boston's MFA. Media Coverage by NBC Boston Media Coverage by CBS Boston Cotuit Independence Day Parade July 4th 11am Cotuit, MA Deep River Ancient Muster July 18th 11am Deep River, CT