Winter Percussion

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The liveliest and most energetic unit in the band, the Winter Percussion ensemble includes members of Spirit of America aged 22 and under. It’s a slice of all the sections in the band: saxophones and flutes learn to play keyboards, a clarinetist takes on the tympani, brass and guard members form the battery, and percussion members and instrumentalists get to hone their dance skills. Every year they embark on a new adventure that takes them all the way to the WGI Finals in Dayton! Winter Percussion encourages these young musicians to reach the next level of excellence in music and marching skills, develop a sense of teamwork, and have a blast as they experience the joy of performance. View photos and videos below.

Check out their 2015 Show
Tango: Frost on a Burning Rose



2015 Tango: WGI Trumbull

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