Perpetual Cycles

The 2012 PIA Gold Medalists are back, and excited to present their new 2013 show – Perpetual Cycles!
The Maya said that the Great Cycle began on August 13, 3114 BC – and that it would end and begin again on December 21, 2012. Life Cycles are present all throughout our universe: the Zodiac Calendar, Chinese Lunar Cycles, the natural food chain, and even the composting process are just a few examples.
Playing striking music from Latin America, Spirit explores the idea that the death of one allows the life of another.
The show opens with the theme of Life, beginning with a dynamic arrangement of Joseph Curiale’s Adelina De Maya. It quickly moves into a Brazilian batucada – a sub-style of samba – in which the ensemble uses ethnic Brazilian instruments such as “repiniques” and “tambourims” to create a carnival atmosphere, before returning to Adelina De Maya to close out the first section. Next, the ensemble explores the theme of Death, introduced by a single tolling chime and four-part ensemble singing. The battery percussion performs somber movement, while the front ensemble plays a segment of Lamentations of Jeremiah, written by Argentina’s Alberto Ginastera and arranged by Ian Hale. Finally, the group slowly but surely accelerates into section three, New Life! The complex rhythms of Pat Metheny’s Third Wind burst in, Curiale’s music returns, and everything comes full circle, ending with music and drill identical to how the show began!
The dramatic floor, set, and uniforms, with their various light and dark colors and symbols of infinity, all represent different Perpetual Cycles: the seasons, the water cycles, the life cycle, and the many processes that result in new life.

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