Day 3 in Durban!

Tuesday September 6, 2011 – A very big day! – SOA’s first day of workshops; Re-Sound’s donation of instruments; and the Africa Premiere of Exploration!

After a morning of rehearsal in preparation for last night’s Africa Premiere of the field show, about 60 kids from Ekhaya Multi Arts Centre and their teachers arrived for the first day of workshops. This is the group SOA is working with all week to help them form a new parading band in the township of KwaMashu, Durban.

Within minutes of meeting each other, Ekhaya kids and SOA members were chatting like lifelong friends, taking pictures together and waiting for the workshops to begin! But first….instruments!

4 crates of instruments and color guard gear donated by individuals and organizations from across America were opened and the kids eagerly chose the instrument they would like to learn. Cheers, excited conversation, and the sounds of new instruments erupted around the stadium! The scene was absolute joyous, raucous controlled chaos! For the rest of the afternoon, instrument types grouped together for instruction and sharing with SOA instructors.

Opening night of Exploration! was spectacular. The crowd, which included our new friends from Ekhaya kids, residents of Umlazi (the township where the stadium is located) and Durban, Durban VIPs and media, loved the show. Cheers erupted throughout the show, but the biggest and most thrilling was the moment the actor playing Nelson Mandela stepped on the field – the roar was spine tingling!

A really great day!

Ian Hale leads workshop with SOA and Ekhaya drummers

Ian Hale leads workshop with SOA and Ekhaya drummers