Hometown USA

Spirit of America celebrated the “Dean of American Music,” and the bicentennial of its own hometown of Orleans, Massachusetts, in this picture of everyday life called Hometown USA. The show contained seven vignettes that characterized the different parts of an American hometown. Many towns in the U.S. are made up of people from the four corners of the globe. This richness of background presents opportunities for harmony, but also potential for conflict. The contrasting emotional themes, highlighted with music and color, illustrated this diversity and harmony. The music of Aaron Copland provided the foundation for this exploration of the heart of America: the progression from the simplicity of small town life to the development of industry and government, the interior and exterior conflicts that arise, the struggle to achieve unity, and the celebration of truth that unity comes from a combination of efforts.


Semper Paratus – Capt. Francis S. Van Boskerck/arr. William C. Schoenfeld God Bless the USA – Lee Greenwood/arr. Michael Sweeney Death or Glory – R.B. Hall Vienna Philharmonic Fanfare – Richard Strauss Zoot Suit Sweet – Martin Vazquez “Bobby Shafto” from Four Old Tunes – Gordon Jacob Prairie Wind – Greg Sanders/arr. Michael Hale Appalachian Spring – Aaron Copland/arr. Michael Hale Lincoln Portrait – Aaron Copland Our Town – Aaron Copland Simple Gifts – Aaron Copland