What is “honor?” Is it loyalty? Commitment to the truth? Sacrifice of self for love of another? How does one attain honor? The members of Spirit of America began to ask themselves these questions in the two-year process that lead them all the way to represent the United States at the World Association of Marching Show Bands World Championships in Jeju, South Korea. Honor incorporated elements of Korean and Asian culture, including the national folk song “Arirang,” specific use of symbolic colors (for example, cream colored fabrics in the portion of the show expounding on love, blue for honor, yellow for truth, red for sacrifice), taiko drums and bow staffs. The hard work behind this show paid off. Spirit of America became the 2006 WAMSB World Champions!


Hymn to New England – John Williams/arr. Paul Lavender
Ubi Caritas – Maurice Durufle/trans. Andrew Haig
All That Jazz – John Kander/arr. Richard K. Pugsley, Andrew Haig
“Rumble” from West Side Story – Leonard Bernstein/arr. Andrew Haig
Gettysburg – Randy Edelman/arr. Andrew Haig
Pep Band – Andrew Haig
“The River” from The Mission – Ennio Morricone/arr. Richard Pugsley, Andrew Haig
Quest for Honor – Alfred Reed, David Holsinger, Harry Gregson Williams, Andrew Haig, arr. Haig, Pugsley, McNutt