In 2008, Spirit of America started out on the journey that evolved into Exploration as we now know it. But in this first show, we asked ourselves: “What makes explorers extraordinary? What is that motivates them and us to get off the couch, and find out what lies over the next hill, or across the sea?” The first year of Exploration was all about the quest to discover, and we learned that the greatest discoveries are not always about conquering new lands and exploring new vistas: sometimes the most terrifying and inspiring discoveries are made when we explore the depths of our own hearts.


Magnificat Alleluia – H. Villa-Lobos
Call of the Mountain Part I – Joseph Curiale
Undertow – Seagull 7
Bachianas Brasileiras No. 4 and No. 5 – H. Villa-Lobos
View from the Sea – Joseph Curiale
Variaciones Concertantes XII – Alberto Ginastera
Tempered Steel – Charles Young
Call of the Mountain Part II – Joseph Curiale
Other works by Alberto Ginastera and Joseph Curiale
Arrangements by Seagull 7, Michael Klesch, Iain Hope, Colin McNutt