From Craig

To begin, I wish to express my thrill of having a chance to work with so many talented and fun people as was my experience this past week.  The chemistry of the makeup of participants was simply perfect.  I truly hope most or all of you return so others can experience the great talent of the alumni of the 6th Spirit of America Pyware Retreat. To the "behind the scenes" staff please allow me to express my appreciation of all that you did to truly make this "the best" seminar I have had the pleasure of conducting.  I am sure the food and "presentation" not to mention the unbelievable relaxed, environment had much to do with the success.  Please allow me to represent the class our collective gratitude for that very important part of this seminar. Also, I want to thank Py and Dustin for our first "Featured Rock Star" Skype session.  You guys are the reason we have such a wonderful creative tool. Hope to see you all next year. Craig Of all the seminars and workshops with which I have been affiliated, The Spirit of America Pyware Retreat is by far one of the finest experiences for both myself and participants. Besides having an opportunity of presenting the finest drill design software in Pyware 3D, the fellowship of directors and drill designers, the fabulous five-star accommodations and cuisine exceeds every expectation. Whether it is your intent to write your own Corps or Showband Style drill or simply adapt a previously designed drill for your instrumentation and ability, The Spirit of America Pyware 3D retreat should be a prerequisite to your 2017 marching season.