Spirit of America’s Pre-Owned Equipment Sale

Spirit of America is selling some of its brass, woodwind, percussion instruments, and equipment. Though they may shows signs of wear, tarnish, or the occasional “ding”  –  every instrument is in playable condition and well-maintained. Obviously some instruments are in better shape than others so we offer a price range determined by age, wear, etc…  Our pricing is fair and negotiable.
Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or interest. We will be happy to send pictures and descriptions of the exact instrument(s) you will be purchasing.

Click on the below categories to find the instrument or equipment that’s the right match for you.






Please check back often as we are posting new additions as the information becomes available.
Prices listed do not include shipping. All items ship from Orleans, MA.
Please contact Spirit of America for shipping costs.
For Purchase Information please contact Spirit of America or call 508-255-4044.