In preparation for our tour to South Africa in 2011, Spirit of America launches “Re-Sound.”

On tour this year, Spirit of America had the opportunity to work with several inner-city groups. It is such a pleasure and privilege to teach these eager and talented young musicians, but heartbreaking to realize that due to lack of funds the instruments they need are simply not available.

This is just a taste of what we know we will encounter in South Africa! Please help us spread hope and possibility to these South African young people. If you have an instrument that is no longer in use, we will be pleased to take it with us, and give it to a child there. Spirit of America will teach music to these children, and also how to maintain and care for the instruments, so the joy and beauty of the music they make can last for generations!

So if you have an instrument to give — a clarinet in your basement, a trombone in your attic, even a spare drum head in your closet — please email [email protected] Thank you!