Re-Sound - Forgotten Intruments, Filling Empty Hands - What's in your attic?

Did you know Louis Armstrong, Mitch Miller, and Hugh Masekela all started their musical careers with donated instruments? Inspired by these and many other stories, and with the belief that music transforms lives, Spirit of America Band is launching Re-Sound, a program dedicated to finding, repairing and giving unused instruments to those who need them.



As part of our 2011 South African tour, Spirit of America gave instruments to the children who were eager to engage in music and the arts in Durban, Johannesburg, and the surrounding townships. We are continuing to collect donated instruments, and are currently searching for the next recipients for the Resound program. If you or your organization needs an instrument,

Email us at [email protected].


YOU have a part  to play

Do you have an instrument to donate? We are looking for traditional band instruments in working or repairable condition.
Please fill out our donation form.

Click here for a list of Re-Sound FAQ’s
Email: [email protected].
Phone: 508-255-4044
Mail (UPS): Re-Sound c/o Spirit of America Band, 5 Bay View Drive, Orleans, MA 02653

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