South Africa Reloaded – 2012

A dozen Spirit of America members returned to Durban South Africa in mid September. We had promised to return in order to ensure that the program that we started in the summer of 2011 was alive and growing.  For seven days we worked with a core group of instructors at the Ekhaya Multi Arts Center. It was obvious that much progress had been made, the kids had obviously developed an affinity to play their chosen instruments.  Equipping their instructors with the ability to read standard music notation was a major emphasis on this trip. This is a new concept for them. They have great musical intuition and instincts, but they have never been taught the basics of reading music.  By adding these foundational building blocks, and reinforcing them with our weekly Skype lessons, we hope to ensure the program that was started just one year ago will become self-sustaining in the near future.    
Paul Tingley

Spirit of America Trip to
South Africa 2011