Back Stage Tech

Come behind the scenes to the world of stage production!   See who designs, sets and controls the lights and sound effects, and what makes the set on a stage look so real.  You’ll see how lights and video are controlled at the lighting board, learn how the curtains are raised and discover how people appear and disappear.  Join us for a creative adventure, a rare opportunity to explore the magic of theater and maybe even stand in the spotlight!

Brass Workshop

Whether you are beginning to play a brass instrument and need help, never played but want to try or are experienced and want to learn more – join Spirit of America in making great brass sounds!  We’ll teach you the basics of how to breathe well, create a great sound, develop techniquesand how to use these elements to create a great performance.  If you want to have fun learning and playing a trumpet, mellophone, trombone, baritone or tuba, come join in the music!

Costume Design

Allow yourself to be swept up in fabrics, color and style!  The costume designer has the exciting job of deciding what the actor will wear and how to bring their character to life with clothing and accessories. Designing costumes requires your great imagination and creativity.  Get an idea of what the character should wear to portray who they are, how to develop an idea on paper and create sketches, choose fabrics and colors – all leading to the final design.  Design has no boundaries – anyone with a passion for creating and using the imagination is welcome!

Instrument Repair

Are you fascinated by discovering how things work?  Is there an instrument you have seen that can’t make the sounds you want it to? Spirit of America invites you to join us for an exciting hands-on session to understand the craft of instrument repair!  We’ll show you how to find the problems, learn about the tools to needed to fix them and the ways to keep instruments sounding their best. Join us in bringing instruments back to life, while learning a skill that could become a life trade.

Make Up Design

Would you like to learn how to make a person look old or young, beautiful or ugly, serious or funny?  Come and see the techniques that artists use for make-up, hair color and style!  Try your hand at using sparkles, colors, gold leaf and glow in the dark makeup. See how make up designers use airbrushes and other tools to create amazing effects on faces and hands, transforming people into characters, animals and other creatures!

Mosaic Design

Try your hand at the ancient art form of mosaic! Although the mosaic art form is over 4000 years old, and was originally used to decorate temples and palaces, it is still used today.  It can be seen on everything from walls and floors, to tables and chairs, to flower pots and coasters.  You will have the chance to take a small ordinary dish and transform it into a beautiful work of art using genuine mosaic glass “smalti”.

Percussion Workshop

Feel the beat of the drums, the vibrations of the cymbals and melodic rhythms of the keyboards in this workshop covering all percussion instruments!  This interactive workshop will explore the endless sounds and effects possible in a percussion section and how they work together – each instrument, whether it is a drum, marimba, cymbal or chime, is an integral part of the whole – come join your hands with Spirit of America in creating rhythms and fun together!

Performance Arts

Have you ever dreamed about being an actor on stage? Come join us at the Mandela Theater for a workshop to learn about acting, how to develop a character, blocking and staging and what you can achieve with your imagination.  We will explore the joy of creating another world on stage while introducing basic concepts of stagecraft. Whether you want to perform for one person or one thousand people, these tools will help you be successful performer and have fun doing it!

Set Construction

Come see how to bring a stage to life, and find out about the fascinating process of making an inspiring and artistic backdrop to any theatrical production!  The possibilities are endless depending on whatever materials are available – old newspapers, wheat paste, chicken wire, rags, even grasses and plants can turn a stage into a whole new world.  Join us and try your hand at combining construction and painting with imagination and artistry to create a scene on stage!

Woodwind Workshop

Catch the melody of a flute, clarinet or saxophone in your ear and discover where that beautiful sound comes from!  The woodwind family has many types of instruments that are used for soothing melodies, colorful harmonies, and playful rhythms. Come learn how to hold the instrument, work with a reed, create a beautiful sound and have fun playing music together.  With these basic techniques, you can think about a future in music!