Craig Harms, Drill Writer

Craig Harms, Drill WriterAlmost from the beginning, Craig has been the principal consultant for product education for Pygraphics, developer of Pyware Charting Aid and 3D Drill Design Software.  He developed successful band programs during his 25 years of teaching which culminated in his teaching in London, England, as a Fulbright Teacher.

In 1986, he left public school teaching to develop full time to his own Visual Design and Pyware Consulting Company, Creative Consultation Service and continued association with Pygraphics.

In addition to developing featuring Pyware 3D Webinars, Craig has been called as principal presenter of Pyware 3D Software and Drill Design.  He has for the past 6 years taught the Vandercook College Pyware Online Couse and for the past 8 years developed and presented the curriculum for the highly acclaimed Spirit of America Pyware Drill Design Retreat in Orleans, MA.