Update from Indy

Wednesday, July 7, Spirit of America arrived in Indianapolis, and had an incredible afternoon of workshops with band students from several Indianapolis high schools, including Shortridge High School and its newly re-instituted marching band! Indianapolis residents will read all about it in this feature article in the Indy Star.

These workshops, which continued on Thursday, were the result of a collaboration with Keith White: a kindred spirit of the band, with a passion for what music can do for young people. Spirit of America met Mr. White, the Director of Instrumental Music & Band for Indianapolis Public Schools, and the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago last December. He has been working since then to make these workshops and show possible for all of his students. As we well know, the rewards of these workshops were mutual for both the students and the members of Spirit of America! Several of the students were quick to express their excitement about how much they learned, and their response to the performance of Exploration that night was overwhelming. These young musicians will definitely remain in our hearts!